Jewelry designer Kristine Algreen

Graduated Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer from Institute of Precious Metals, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Easily recognized by her choice of precious materials and repetetive figures, like her Loop-ring.

"A piece of jewelry should be a treasured companion, warn and passed down through generations. Treasured by it’s beauty and precious materials. You can recognize beautiful design from Kristine Algreen by the scratch or insignificant dent that disturbs perfection. Or as she puts it: “Beauty is more significant with a scratch in the surface; in art as well as in life”.

Danish heritage
Her love for the clean, stylish and tight scandinavian design tradition, shows up in all of her jewelry. Cause even though they usually ends up with twists and scratches, she always keep a simple and legible expression.

It is the juxtapositions that speaks to me.

The unattractive and ignored, is important, and what touches me the most, in art as in life. For me to appreciate most expression, imperfection has to be apart of it.

“I tent to always scratch or disturb my design.”

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